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You can get something in Diablo 3 when you leave the Game.

3. Jul 2012 04:04, tang404

These Diablo 3 Gold are great! Better than my others!

I'm happy with my Diablo 3 Gold!

When you leaving the Diablo 3 online game, you will get something you wanted from it. That is a big surprise for you, right?
Diablo 3 gives the people who where leaving anyway something they wanted a wow game that isn't really wow. As upset as people get about the wow look of Diablo 3. It will be one of the main draws of the game. Come to diablo3goldvip. com, to enjoy cheaperand the fastest delivery. There are a lot of people who have played wow in the last 7 years that don't get counted in the 10 million sub figures. Investors are worried about the decline in wow. Diablo 3 would murder that bottom line. Hence more wow commercials, Diablo 3 delay without clarification, wow annual pass/contract. Mists exp can't get here soon enough. I hope I'm wrong.
Blizzard is already working on Wow's true successor. It will keep making money probably even after that comes out, maybe not much. Wow has done more than expected.
As you can see from my achievement points, I am a long WOW player. I also got into video games seriously because of Diablo. I can agree with the OP at least for myself. I ended up getting the beta last Sunday and didn't play Wow once until yesterday. There was a ton to do in it regardless of what the whiners say and i still don't have every achievement done yet. Once it's crawled its way into your head, you find yourself making your favorite classes again and again just because.
And also I have been reading everyone's post for Diablo 3 for 50% of you, its going to be done because of the auction house, because of no Pvp in game, because of a lot of twisted people like to do to one up everyone, like scam, spam, and the occasional pk.

I Hate bags, but... I bring my Diablo 3 Gold at every opportunity. They have the 2 most important things I look for: comfort & looks. A shoe MUST have both of these qualities to be a great shoe & this truely is a Great shoe. Looks great with almost everything;I only wish I could afford to buy more Diablo 3 Gold!
I bought these Diablo 3 Gold. I love how fashion they are they were extremely nice!! I bring these Diablo 3 Gold all the time. They are very well made and go with just about anything!
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