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The design Report of Diablo 3.

3. Jul 2012 04:07, tang404

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Data survey section
80% of the roles between the 1-30 levels;
1. 9% of the players to unlock the Inferno difficulty;
54% of the expert mode is the role of women;
Expert mode, the highest mortality (35%) of the scene in the first act of
The ordinary difficulty;
The most common 60 mix of skills the "Zhuangshan" rate of only 0. 7%, the base of the occupation of all 60 characters.
For the 60 roles in the most commonly used in various occupational Rune: Barbarian - Avenging Wrath; hunting magic - smoky; magician - mirroring the skin; monks - quiet repose; witch doctor - Chuijian anesthesia; Have been or will to make changes. Weakened the "smoky" and "guardian of the grace and fortitude armor" skill rune effects;
Purgatory difficulty, the frequency of sudden injury still high, intended
To be adjusted in this 1. 0. 3;
MF focus is to collect full 5 layers Chennai non-courage to "BUFF;
Plan in a future patch, strengthen the legend equipment. These enhancements will not be retroactive and will only affect the mounting of the patch to play the legendary items above.
Consider adjustment blacksmith 1-59 when training and forging costs gem synthesis and flawless Founder below the level of spending reduced to two gems from the three gems.
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