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Some experience about Barbarian in Diablo 3 Open Betas.

3. Jul 2012 04:07, tang404

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Barbarian is a really interesting character in Diablo 3, when i play the roles; I can fully combine with it! I must share some experiences about Barbarian in Diablo 3 Open Betas with you! Here are five points you need to take care!

1. Never to be blocked. One big feature ofis that there would be overwhelming undead corpse and it is a challenge if you are blocked. So you need to fight and run, turn to the back of the big boss. The interesting part is the boss will run after you. I run around the circle and a large number of small creatures run after me around the circle. If you saw the part like this, I promise you will laugh.
2. Disgusting worm from the boss. When the big boss is killed, its dead body will release a lot of long running worm which is really disgusting. Especially when I am eating lunch, it makes me sick. In fact the undead is not so horrible, but the blood makes my eye sore.
3. Searching part is interesting but a little consuming. In the searching dungeon part, on my level 8, I have to search for three dungeons. And the map won't be visible until you pass the part. So until you finish all the maps you can understand the item you are searching for is here. That is to say, you have to complete three maps then you can complete this task.
4. No simple sign for special place. When i do the task to find the "sweeping hollow", I truly get lost. If in the big map, there would be some special marks for the place. This will helpful for the players.
5. Error of 3006, error 3007 and 30008. When you change the screen, there would be error and time delay in the computer.
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